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Warhammer 40k Lore, Part 1: The God-Emperor of Mankind

Warhammer 40k has forever changed the face of wargaming and tabletop gaming in general. Over the course of 34 years, the game has built up an immense and loyal following. Games Workshop, the proverbial progenitors of this amazing hobby, has continued to add more and more to the game. Now, there are countless ways to build an army, dozens upon dozens of books published about the lore, and multitudes upon multitudes of players who make sure to keep themselves updated about every new release.

One aspect without which the game would not be the same is its rich and expansive lore. Some players are attracted by the aspect of painting and creating their own armies, others by the challenging mechanics and strategies, and many by the meticulously crafted lore.

As homage to the game, this article will start at the beginning: the God-Emperor of Mankind. The canon may or may have not changed since this article was written, and there may be spoilers in this article that you want to avoid.

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Miniature Painting Basics 1: Assembly

The world of miniatures painting can be very daunting to enter, but it really isn’t! In this series, we will be discuss what you need to get started in your new hobby.

There will also be helpful hyperlinks directing you to some recommended products to help you get started faster!

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