Tyranids Bioswarm


There’s nothing quite like playing Tyranids – sure, your enemies might have firepower, but you have gribblies – lots and lots of gribblies. This jam-packed boxed set makes starting or expanding your swarm of biological horrors simple, with all manner of terrifying creatures to crush your foes with. Building a sizeable Battalion Detachment out of the box, it’ll even save you money compared to getting the kits inside separately.

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This set contains:
12x Hormagaunts
12x Termagants
10x Gargoyles
8x Genestealers
1x Hive Tyrant
2x Carnifexes
1x Ripper Swarm

This set is supplied with 32x 25mm round bases, 1x 40mm Round Bases, 1x 60mm Round Base, 2x 105mm Oval Bases, and 10x Small Flying Bases.