Imperial Knight Warden


  • Annihilate enemy infantry and light vehicles with the Knight Warden
  • Wields an avenger gatling cannon and heavy flamer alongside a variety of powerful armaments
  • Can be built as a number of other Questoris-class Imperial Knight variants

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With an avenger gatling cannon that spits hundreds of foot-long armour-piercing shells per minute, the Knights Warden are well suited to annihilating enemy infantry, light vehicles and transports. The suits themselves possess strong-willed machine spirits, and it is a great mark of accomplishment for a Noble to pilot one.

This multi-part plastic kit builds one Knight Warden, a battlefield-sweeping Lords of War choice for your Imperial Knights armies – or a wandering Freeblade for other Imperium forces. This super-heavy walker is armed with an avenger gatling cannon and heavy flamer, along with your choice of melee and carapace-mounted weaponry, and has the ability to encourage allied Armiger-class squires to hold objectives. The Knight Warden makes a fantastic painting project and, with a huge degree of customisation and incredibly detailed components available during assembly, allows you to create a truly unique engine of war.

This kit can also be assembled as a variety of other Questoris-class Imperial Knights – the Errant, Paladin, Gallant, Preceptor, Crusader, or the named knight Canis Rex – as well as a Knight Despoiler for Chaos Knights. Any remaining weapons, faceplates, or accessories can be used as spares for your other Knight kits.

The Knight Warden kit comprises 250 plastic components, and includes a Citadel 170mm Oval Base and a Citadel 25mm Round Base. Also included is a transfer sheet, featuring heraldry for Imperial Knights.