• A mighty Lord of War option for your Astra Militarum army
  • Super-heavy tanks can soak up punishment, and dish out overwhelming firepower in return
  • Builds eight different variants, each with its own specialty

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More rolling fortress than vehicle, the Baneblade super heavy tank is possessed of overwhelming firepower. Wherever a Baneblade sees battle, it becomes the centre of the battle line, Imperial Guardsmen and even smaller tanks sheltering in its lee as its enormous primary cannon and numerous other guns hammer the foe into submission.

This gargantuan multipart plastic kit builds a super-heavy Baneblade, a thundering tank that wields a full arsenal and is capable of absorbing punishment that would annihilate a small army. If you’re looking for a lynchpin around which a mighty armoured column can be built, a super heavy tank is a fine choice that can shock your foes and soak up incredible amounts of firepower, sparing the rest of your army. It is armed with a mighty baneblade cannon and co-axial autocannon on the turret, plus a demolisher cannon on the forward hull, 2 lascannons on side turrets, twin heavy bolters on a forward hull turret, 2 twin heavy flamers in sponson mounts, and a heavy stubber in a pintle mount atop the turret. The sponson flamers can be replaced with another 2 twin heavy bolters, and extra sponsons can be added with additional lascannons and either twin heavy bolters or twin heavy flamers. That’s a LOT of firepower.

This massive kit can alternatively build a variety of other super-heavy tanks:
– Banesword – armed with a quake cannon to punish vehicles and fortifications at extreme range
– Shadowsword– armed with a tank-slagging volcano cannon
– Doomhammer – armed with a titan-slaying magma cannon and troop-carrying capacity
– Stormsword – armed with a bunker-busting stormsword siege cannon
– Banehammer – armed with a tremor cannon to slow down aggressive opponents
– Stormlord – armed with a vulcan mega-bolter and large troop-carrying capacity
– Hellhammer – armed with a hellhammer cannon for close-quarters warfare