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Magic: The Gathering Lore, Part 2 – Freyalise’s Sacrifice

Continuing on with our series on Magic: the Gathering lore, we’re going to get into some specifics of Planeswalker lore. In this article, we will focus solely on the life of Planeswalker Freyalise—one of the Planeswalkers involved in the Great Mending.

Freyalise was a half-elven Planeswalker centered in green mana and born in Terisiare, Dominaria. She was known for wearing an eye patch, having short brown hair, and for her preference of floating just a little above the ground rather than standing on it. 

Her lifetime has been recorded from around 2400 to 4500 AR, and in that time, she was mostly known for her stubbornness and selfishness. She only changed when she realized the greater good she could contribute to Dominaria at the expense of her own life, thus resulting in her sacrifice for the Great Mending.

Freyalise’s Ascension

As a lone orphan, she came to Storgard seeking refuge from the frigid wastes. The shamans told King Miko that she must be more than human to have survived her travel, but this didn’t change the High Court’s view of her as just a daughter of the Stone Council.

At Storgard, Freyalise became a fire mage and Zilgeth’s successor as a leader of Clan Ruby. She and Jason Carthalion were childhood friends when King Miko, influenced by Tevesh Szat, ordered them to duel. During the duel, Jason’s green magic dealt her a fatal blow. When Freyalise ascended, she’d had this power lingering in her mind, which resulted in her favoring green as a Planeswalker. The ascension was difficult on her, and it nearly drove her mad—were it not for the help of Jodah, the powerful but mortal Archmage Eternal.

The Ice Age

During the Ice Age, Freyalise helped the elves of Fyndhorn and Llanorwar survive, which caused them to worship her as a goddess. In this time, she also studied the Shard of the Twelve Worlds—an envelope containing twelve planes separated from the rest of the multiverse. Included in these planes were Dominaria and Azoria. 

She studied the Shard in the hopes of finding a way to free the worlds within, and during Faralyn’s Summit of the Null Moon, she’d hoped to finally find the answers. However, Faralyn betrayed and tricked her in the hopes of escaping the Shard with the energy of a Planeswalker’s death. Freyalise fought Szat on Azoria and was left for dead after destroying all the islands on the plane.

After this, Freyalise cast the World Spell and ended the Ice Age, restoring the natural climate of Dominaria, with the help of Kristina of the Woods, Kaysa, Sir Zaraya, Jodah’s mirror, and the Ice Cauldron. She then left Dominaria for a time.

The Phyrexian Invasion

When she returned, it was as one of Urza’s Nine Titans to defend Dominaria from the Phyrexian invasion. Of the Nine, only Freyalise, Commodore Guff, Bo Levar, and Lord Windgrace were able to activate the soul bombs in order to gut the plane. 

When they returned to Dominaria, however, they found that Yawgmoth himself had crossed over to the plane. Powerless against the Lord of the Wastes, Freyalise returned to Skyshroud, sending an avatar of herself to Llanowar to stand with her elven followers while Yawgmoth descended.

All of Dominaria was saved by the activation of the Legacy Weapon, which seemed to destroy Yawgmoth. In the end, only Freyalise and Lord Windgrace were the only two of the Nine Titans to survive the war. After that, Freyalise erected the Martyr’s Tomb and officiated its dedication.

The Sacrifice for the Great Mending

As new threats began to rise against the mana-distraught plane of Dominaria, Freyalise’s stance became xenophobic once again as she protected Skyshroud. The attacks from Gathan warriors and slivers strengthened Skyshroud’s militant stance towards outsiders, and Freyalise refused to listen to Teferi about the threat of the time rifts.

When Skyshroud was invaded by Phyrexians from an alternate reality, Freyalise took control of the local slivers. They were obedient to the strongest leader, and this title was soon taken from her by the Weaver King, who had transported himself to Skyshroud through Venser. Freyalise’s moment of enlightenment came when, exhausted, she began to understand Teferi’s sacrifice. She then realized her own flawed and selfish stance.

In this realization, she wanted to at least save what could be saved, and so she attempted to seal the time rift above Skyshroud. She called back the power that she had used to protect the forest from its surroundings and pulled it into herself. In a huge blast of green and red mana, Freyalise sealed the rift, at the expense of her life and Skyshroud.

In conclusion

Freyalise is but one of the many fabled heroes and planeswalkers in the lore of Magic: the Gathering, and is a favorite among many. Her story speaks of growth and selflessness in a multiverse constantly under threat of war. 

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