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5 Fictional Board Games That Should Be Real, Part 1

We’ve all had moments when watching a movie, a show, or reading a book where we wished something about it were real—be it two characters in love, an experience, a place, or in this case, a game. Either way, we all know what it feels like to want fiction to be a reality. In this article, we elaborate more on the five games that exist in fiction that we seriously wish were real.

1. CharDee MacDennis, The Game of Games

Coming up first is the game otherwise known as the Game of Games. The characters of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia explain this as basically being a mashup of their favorite aspects from a bunch of different games. Separated into three levels — Mind, Body, and Spirit — two teams have to complete a series of game categories per level while drinking alcohol that corresponds to the level’s difficulty — level one is wine, level two is beer, and level three is hard alcohol. 

The whole game supposedly has a fifteen-minute time limit, but there is a “fair” number of clock stoppages allowed. Allowed clock stoppages include three timeouts for each team, halftime, post-level breaks, two-minute warning, several injury stoppages. So as you can see, the game could go on for longer than fifteen minutes.

Now, in order to advance to the next level, each team must collect a certain number of cards, and whichever team finishes all three game levels first wins and gets to smash the opposing team’s game pieces.

The game categories in Chardee MacDennis include a variety of things from trivia and puzzles (Mind), physical challenges, pain and endurance (Body), and emotional battery and public humiliation (Spirit). Now, if this mix of alcohol and a wild collection of (somewhat questionable) game categories aren’t enough to make you want to wish the game was real, there’s also the allowance of cursing and cheating in the middle of all this madness — as long as the player doesn’t get caught of course.

2. The Cones of Dunshire

For this next game, the one thing you need to know about is that it is all about the cones. That’s what Parks and Rec character Ben Wyatt says about this game, who happens to be the game’s creator, thanks to a period in between jobs and the creative juices brought about by boredom.

Cones of Dunshire is basically a classic tabletop game for eight to twelve players, which requires the perfect mix of luck and strategy in order to build civilizations and collect four cones to win the game. Players can collect these cones through trade, purchase, advancement, and scavenging, but the show doesn’t really elaborate more than that. The roles that players get to choose from are two Wizards, two Warriors, one Maverick, one Arbiter, one Corporal, and one Ledgerman, who is basically the scorekeeper of the game, and they get to wear a special hat.

And while the show doesn’t necessarily get into the specifics of the rules all too much, there are a few elements of the game to take note of, such as the existence of Spirit cards, the option to play the game in reverse, and the need to roll three dice to see how many dice you should actually roll. Now while the rules are pretty vague, the game still looks fun enough that we can’t help wishing it were real.

More in Part 2

Now that we’ve revealed the first two fictional games we wish were real, it’s probably safe to say that we have a taste for the unusual—and perhaps chaotic, as part two of this article will reveal. In that article, we get into three more fictional games we absolutely love, and the last one may even catch you by surprise.

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